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Already the world’s wealthiest country with a per capita GDP of US$84,000, Qatar's successful bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 will speed up a US$265 billion commercial, industrial and residential construction program designed to increase the country’s hotel, healthcare, industrial, education and real estate portfolio.

Don’t wait until 2022. Now is the time to do business in Qatar and establish business relationships that will remain profitable far beyond 2022.

Why invest in Qatar?
The obvious answer is ‘why not?’  
With ample liquidity thanks to expansive hydrocarbon resources, Qatar presents investment opportunities in a range of sectors, from real estate, energy, agriculture, industry, health, education, to tourism, and more.

A stable economy, strategic geographic location, and capital surplus make Qatar the ideal regional business hub.  According to the World Economic Forum’s 2010-2011 Global Competitiveness Report, Qatar is the Middle East and North Africa’s most competitive economy, ranking 17th globally, and with double digit economic growth forecast for the foreseeable future, Qatar will remain a lucrative market for foreign investment for the long term.

Close to $100 billion of projects are also in the pipeline thanks to Qatar’s successful World Cup bid for the 2022 finals. To prepare itself for an event of this scale, Qatar will be investing heavily in infrastructure, transportation, and telecommunications.  Furthermore, to accommodate for the influx of football enthusiasts, the country will need to provide at least another 80,000 additional hotel rooms.  Qatar is lush with opportunities, and with liberal foreign investment regulations, is a natural and safe choice for anyone’s investment portfolio. 

Qatar Expo is committed to conveying to the world about Qatar’s offerings by managing events, conferences, and exhibitions that showcase and highlight the seemingly boundless investment prospects in the country.

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